Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What is Sea Salt?

Sea Salt Is Our Expression Of Italy
At Sea Salt we are passionate about Italian food culture and we are devoted to the pleasure of food, wine and conviviality. At Sea Salt we strive to offer you our interpretation and our celebration of an authentic Italian meal and dining experience. From our heritage and passion, our many travels and experiences, we try and transport each diner to Italy with our ambiance, food, wine and service. As with Italian tradition we believe the kitchen and the table are the centers of pleasure, culture, and community and we endeavor to be true to this "Slow Food" ethos. 

The Essence of Sea Salt
At Sea Salt we cook with the seasons, using the freshest natural ingredients available to us from quality sustainable artisan producers and we always procure our ingredients locally whenever possible. We have confidence in simplicity and balance, letting the quality of our ingredients speak for themselves by showcasing natural food pairings, classic regional Italian recipes, and traditional cooking techniques. We do not look at ourselves as cooks and servers merely feeding and entertaining you but as artisan's crafting for you a quality food, wine and dining experience that is uniquely Italian.

What Is Slow Food  
The Slow Food movement was founded in 1986 by Carlo Petrini and a group of 62 inspired gastronomes in the little Piedmontese township of Bra, Italy as an act of protecting Italian food culture in opposition to an attempt by McDonald's to place its golden arches in the Piazza di Spagna area of Rome. By 1989 Slow Food had mushroomed into an international movement with delegates in 16 different countries to counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they ate, where it came from, and how it tasted. Slow Food's original Manifesto was to cultivate public appreciation for ecologically, sustainably, and locally grown heirloom seasonal food and wine, artisanal food production, and the preservation of cultural food heritage and tradition where the kitchen and the table are the centers of pleasure, culture and community. The Slow Food Manifesto opposed fast cheap food and the values and systems of fast life and globalized GMO food production in favor of living a slower and more harmonious rhythm of life with one another, with our local environments and the planet. 

Sea Salt Is Clean And Green:
Along with using the freshest and best sustainably produced food products available, Sea Salt only uses pure unadulterated Sea Salt and Extra Virgin Olive Oil to season its dishes. Our food tastes only of what it is: clean, pure, wholesome, and soul satisfying! Taste, experience, and feel the difference, and eat your vegetables! We strive to be as green as possible and leave the smallest "eco-footprint" we can. Our building is LEEDS certified. We have an advanced Reverse Osmosis & Carbon Filter Water Purification- Carbonation System and produce our own pure water without charge to our guests. By sourcing our ingredients locally as much as possible and in the freshest and least processed state we minimize our carbon-footprint and packaging waste and maximize wholesomeness, nutrition, flavor and taste. We are single-stream recyclers, recycling 80% of our waste including 100% of our glass, cardboard, metal and plastic food containers.

Buon Appetito!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Now Featuring Winter Colors of Southern Italy

... & Authentic Seasonal Southern Italian Fare! 

Cipolline e Barbabietola in Agrodolce con Burrata - Grilled Cipolline Onion
and Beet, Villa Manodori Balsami Vinegar, Burrata allo Panna "Di Stefano",
Grilled Filoni

Pizza di Inverno dal Forno a Legna- Winter Pizza Special- Grilled
East Farms Kabocha Squash, Garlic, Hazelnuts, Sage Caciocavallo Cheese 

Coscio di Agnello Brasato con Risotto allo Zafferano - Braised Morgan Valley,
Utah Lamb Shank, Veal Stock, Wine, Fresh Herbs, Garlic, Preserved Lemon,
San Marzano Tomato RagĂș, Saffron Risotto, Gremolata