Slow Food Manifesto

Slow Food
International Movement for the Defense of and Right to Pleasure

This century, which was born and raised under the sign of industrial civilization, first invented the car and then modeled its lifestyle on it. Speed has enchained us, we are all prey to the same virus: “Fast Life”, which has overturned our traditional habits, is even attacking us in our own homes and subjecting us to eating in “Fast Food” restaurants.

But Homo sapiens must regain his wisdom and free himself from this speed that may make him an endangered species.

And so the defense of peaceful material pleasure must be chosen against the universal folly of “Fast Life”. Against that majority that confuses efficiency with frenzy we put forward our remedy of n ample serving of guaranteed sensual pleasures, to be experienced with slow and prolonged enjoyment.

Let’s begin at table with “Slow Food” ; against the sameness of “Fast Food” let’s rediscover the richness and flavors of local cuisines.

In the name of productivity  “Fast Life” has changed our lifestyle and threatened the environment and the landscape. “Slow Food”, on the other hand, is now in line with the times.

Real culture is to be found here, in developing taste rather than impoverishing it; progress can begin from here, with an exchange at an international level of historical traditions,

“Slow Food” needs a lot of good support to turn this (slow) stirring in to an international movement, with the snail as its symbol.